Adam Cox

(Senior Lecturer at University of Roehampton)

Aggelos was a student of mine in an MA course at City University. The course focused on financial market activity and policy and, as such, dealt with a range of complex issues. Aggelos throughout showed a strong grasp of financial concepts and a readiness to do solid research for his assignments. He is also curious and hard-working and I'm certain he would be an asset to any financial publication.

Lucas Velidakis

(Editor in Chief,

I was Aggelos’ editor in chief, and I was impressed with his performance throughout the time we worked together. He showed an aptitude for independent research on the stories he was working on, he was always consistent with his deadlines and was willing to work even extra hours if required. A piece of work submitted by Aggelos would always be the most polished and most accomplished of which he was capable. He is someone who gives nothing less than his best.

Giselle Garcia

(International Correspondent at Brazilian Communications Enterprise (EBC))

A very smart go-getter journalist, a good friend and a great person.

Mary Andreadi

(Communications & Press Office Manager at Hellenic Association of Independent Power Producers)

Aggelos is very passionate about his work. He dedicates time and effort to all his assignments and he manages to overcome challenges while pursuing a story. Aggelos is personable, takes a genuine interest in his work and approaches each issue with excitement. He also displays high integrity and professionalism.

Maria Zampeti

(Communication & Press Officer at Thessaloniki Museum of Photography)

I have known Aggelos for over 15 years, and have always known him to be an organized, responsible, and easy going individual. I believe that his skills and experience make him an excellent partner in every task. He is great at managing his time and incredibly organized. Aggelos is persistent without being annoying, and above all he gets results, therefore anyone should be happy to team up with him.